FAQs & Terms of Service

What is a Flower Share? 

Each individual or family purchases, in advance, a share, called a subscription, of the year’s crop.  Customers are essentially partners or ‘co-producers’ in the farm, sharing risk and reward with the farm family. Throughout the growing season, each member receives equal shares of the freshly harvested flowers from the farmer.  This program is also know as Community Supported Agriculture or Community Shared Agriculture CSA.  By purchasing a share with us, you're supporting our farm, and you're also helping to grow a healthy, eco-friendly local business. Thank you.

At Damsel Garden, weekly bouquets are created with local, seasonal, and organically grown blooms. We are a toxin free farm, all our flowers and vegetables are grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides.  

Where and when do I pick up my flowers?

Shares for the 2024 season will be available for pick up at five locations in Columbia and Greene counties. Please see share info for times. 

Thursday in Ghent at Bartlett House

Thursday in Hudson NY  at Wm. Farmer & Sons

Thursday in Athens, NY at Stewart House 

Friday in Stuyvesant, NY at our Farm

Saturday in Kinderhook NY at our market table

Start dates are announced in early April for our spring shares and in June for our Summer shares. Our Dahlia and late summer flower share start date will be announced in August. The Dahlia share for 2024 begins usually in the second week of September and runs into October.

Can I start my own pick up location?

Yes!  Please contact us at hello@damselgarden.com to discuss what you have in mind.

What if I can't pick up my flowers?

If you're unable to pick up your bouquet, we recommend you ask someone to pick them up in your stead.  If no one can pick them up, let us know and we will be happy to donate them.  If we do not hear from you, we will donate your week’s share to someone. They will be sure to brighten someone’s day.  As a member it is your responsibility to pick up your share or arrange for another to pick up in your stead. We are not able to tack on another week if members forget unless plans are made and agreed to in advance.  

What if I go on vacation?

If you take a holiday, we ask that you arrange for someone else to pick up your blooms while you're away, or we can donate them on your behalf.

Can I specify which flowers I want in my weekly bouquets?

Those that purchase one of our shares do so knowing that they are farmers choice.  We use seasonal flowers.  Shares are not customized. We create each bouquet according to what is blooming and available, which is part of the fun of a farm share subscription.  We will keep it new and exciting for you.  If you like to choose your flowers and need a special arrangement, please contact us at hello@damselgarden.com

Can I buy a Share for someone else as a gift?

Absolutely yes!  Please let us know at checkout in the note section that you’ve purchased this item as a gift.  Do please provide any information that will help us spoil the one you care for!

Can I start my own pick up location for Flower Shares if pick up at the farm is not convenient?

Yes!  We are able to deliver Flower Shares for large groups.  If you are located in Columbia County or close by, gather eight or more members and contact us to set up your delivery day.  We will then add your location to our list of pick up sites so interested members can sign up for your location.   Do you have a garden group or flower club?  Celebrate the season with locally grown flowers delivered to your group.

Can I request a delivery for a flower share?

At this time we are not staffed to handle deliveries for individuals.   However, as we grow, we are certainly going to investigate! Please contact us if you have a community interested in starting a delivery location.  

I have a business and would like flowers delivered

Please contact us if you are interested in seasonal arrangements for your shop or restaurant or, if you would like flowers by the bucket (wholesale) for your business or special events.

Can I cancel my CSA Membership and refund my money?

We rely on our CSA Memberships for revenue to keep our farm running and our blooms blooming, however we also understand that life can serve up some challenges. For 2024 shares, refunds will be available up to one week after the purchase of your farm share.

Becoming a farm share member means supporting a farm that is at the mercy of unpredictable weather, pests, and plagues.  Shares  are vital to our survival. We ask that rather than cancelling, you consider gifting/selling/transferring your membership to someone who will appreciate weekly flowers from an eco-friendly local grower. 

Do we do weddings?

Yes we do, please email us at hello@damselgarden.com and we'll send you our offerings.   We absolutely love catering to the Do It Yourself individuals and event planners.  Please contact us for more information about spending a day at the farm with your party and purchasing buckets of seasonal blooms for your special day.

Kindness matters

And finally, if any share member's behavior towards our team is deemed abusive or inappropriate, their share membership will be cancelled without refund.  

Thank you, and we look forward to sharing the beautiful harvest with you.